Monday, April 26, 2010

UnderGround aRT!: Bief 37

So your walking through Ill City on a mission with your eyes wide open. For the last 4 blocks down Cambridge till Fleet street you notice something... On every other corner, roadsign and old ass building you see a GRAFFITI tag written in a style hard to decipher.. These mind boggling writings playback in your head while your feet find your destination. A coupla minutes later you stumble accross the illest/freshest throw up against a wall that makes you take our your phone to capture the moment.

THAT, my fellow underground heads, is the work of one Bief37 - from LifeForces, who cannot be fucked with in EC. This young GRAFFITI writer/ Graphic Design artist/ Hip Hop photographer, has been at the forfront of the BC (Buffalo City) hip hop arts seen since the 90's, running shit straight outta Phakamisa.

Check out some of his work..

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